How to host your own website for free with XAMP guide



You can find numerous personal web server available on the internet. XAMP is being used almost by all users due to its most robust and compatible feature with all operating system such as Linux windows and Mac operating system. You can install and configure XAMP without any hassle by following this guide step and step.

How to download and install XAMP

1) Visit HERE

2)Select your operating system and click on it to start download

*if you are using windows 64-bit operating system don’t worry you can download the 32bit setup file and it will run smoothly on your system

3) After the download has been completed run the setup to install it.

How to use XAMP

1)Open XAMP.exe file

2)Select Apache, MySQL and click on start

3) Now go to your browser address bar and write “localhost”

Note: If you have installed properly you will get this page.

4)Now open notepad and paste this code inside that


<!DOCTYPE html>



<h3>This is heading </h3>

<p>Welcome to Techknowkun</p>




5)Go to file on a notepad and click save as now save the file on Desktop(You can name your file anything you want but the extension should be .html)

6)Now copy the file to the default XAMP directory, open My Computer and go to LocalDisk (C:)\xampp\htdocs  (Paste that file at this location)

7)Now Open Your browser and type “localhost/filename

Example localhost/techknowkun.html

8) Finally, you have built and hosted your own website on a local server

A better understanding of the code

A HTML file always  have its heading with tag <html> and ends with tag </html> .A HTML file includes title and body tag. Even if we don’t give the title tag the code will run as there is no dependency of tag with each other but without the HTML tag, the file won’t work. HTML files contain h1 to h6 header tags which highlight the text size from decreasing order starting from 1 to 6 . ,p> tag denotes that the text should be printed in paragraph formal. most tag in HTML has a starting and ending tag.

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