How to declutter your messy digital life and its benefits

Keeping your digital life in an organized manner can be quite a challenge in today’s wired world. Everyone’s digital life and needs are different. You can easily store your precious files and not delete them in order to declutter just by keeping them in the cloud. As a part of the 21st-century tidying up, we need to sort through old photos and papers, and throw away the ones that don’t “spark joy.” Instead of that, we can think that precious memories don’t need to go into dusty photo albums or the trash, they should just be uploaded somewhere.

With always-on Internet storage services known as the cloud, you can store every photo you’ve taken without thinking about the space. It costs $10 per month. You can pull up memories from any day be it from 2010. Here you can also keep contracts, receipts, digital books, your cards, your to buy lists, home videos, and music. You can access them anywhere through phone, laptop, tablet or even TV.

Cloud providers are getting remarkably good at doing the organizing for us with artificial intelligence software and we can move as many things we want to the cloud with endless space. You just have to become a digital maximalist for this purpose as your phone alone can’t get rid of unnecessary things. The problem the cloud can most help solve is piles of photos and papers. You can buy a scanner, or Google has a free and simple Photo Scan app for phones. Try mail-away services that digitize photos for as little as 8 cents per photo, such as and These will help to turn old photos digital which keeps them safe from physical damage.


It charges $1 per month for 50 gigabytes or about 16,000 photos. It will back up a copy of everything you snap on an iPhone and keep it in designated folders on a Mac. Apple automatically removes stuff stored locally when you’re getting full. The only problem is accessing iCloud files on non-Apple devices isn’t easy.


It works best on Android phones. It charges $2  per month for 100 gigabytes, and storing photos and video in a lower-quality format is free. Google Photos is generally smarter than Apple Photos though is less bulletproof on privacy because Google is sorting through your shots on its own servers.


It includes 1 terabyte for subscribers to its Office 365 subscription.


It offers unlimited photo storage for Prime members.


It charges per month for a terabyte. It feeds directly into its Photoshop Lightroom app enabling high-end editing.

The password used for any of the cloud services should be kept strong enough and also turn on the two-factor authentication option which most services offer.


Easy to file: Don’t end up making your system a hierarchical maze. Cloud makes it faster and easier to save files.

Easy to find: One need not sacrifice his time just searching or clicking on a document. So the cloud makes this task easy by using the search option.

Reusable: Where possible, you want to use reusable templates and naming conventions, both of which support the previous two goals.


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