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The recent Android OS version released by Google is known as Android Pie 9.0. While the first phone to get that update was google own device pixel but still, it’s making its way to more and more devices.

In the latest update, it gets some latest features of do not disturb, navigation and smart recommendations which is a great help for a lot of users. After completing your update to the latest android os, you need to make some changes in setting.T here are a few changes which I will talk you through this guide for a better experience while using your phone.

How to see which application recently sent you notifications

Have you ever got embarrassed in a meeting due to some unwanted notifications from your phone or have got annoyed due to continuous disturbance from notification. Don’t you worry now because in the Android Pie a user can disable unwanted notifications?

Steps how to turn off unwanted notifications

1) Go to the setting menu

2)Select app notifications

3)Tap on “notifications” at the bottom

4)On the next screen, the application which displayed notification recently will be displayed

5)Turn off annoying notification

How to use different application with just  a gesture

Use your smartphone with just simple hand gesture with Android Pie. Searching for any application isn’t necessary anymore during an emergency, simply access that application with a gesture the google pixel 3 has this feature inbuilt and users cant turn it off while the Google pixel 2 and its previous version have the setting turned off.

 How to turn Full-screen gestures on

1)Visit Setting on your Phone

2)Go to display

3)Select navigation bar

4)Turn on Full-screen gestures

Android Pie comes with this battery saving technique by automatically turning off the mobile hotspot if no devices are connected. This feature is toggled on from the beginning and if any users facing any inconvenience they can simply disable this feature by going to the advanced section of hotspot menu from setting.


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