How to Use Vpn and why should we use it (Guide)


Why should we use it

VPN stands for Virtual private network and as its name suggests it creates a private network between two or more devices. VPN keeps your system details anonyms and lets you surf the internet freely. Most of the website track your activities and browsing data. If you want to browse anonymously then using a VPN allows you to browse freely protecting you or your company from the theft of personal data and identities.VPN is used to block your IP address and redirect it to some other location. IT gives you the next level security against government agency or theft of your card especially while using a public network

There are many VPN services out there for some you have to pay while others are free to use with limited resource.

How to Use it

1)First of all, you need to connect to the internet. If you are at your home internet will connect automatically on your device. If you are in some public place you need to connect to the internet


2)You need to decide either to use a paid version or a Free one

If you are using any paid version you can buy the premium version of  Betternet or if you are using a free version you can down HERE.

But if you are using any free version make sure not to install any third party software or toolbars.

While some VPN sells data to other companies make sure to research before using any. Most VPN work on almost all operating system like windows, mac, Linux etc

Make sure to read the End User License Agreement because while you agree to it without reading you might install third-party software.


3) Open your browser and visit Betternet website select the operating system or browser and click on the download

4)After completion of download Install the software

5)After installation open the software and click on connect

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