How to download videos from facebook without any software


Facebook is the world’s most used social media over 2 billion monthly active users, There are a lot of videos which gets shared on facebook making it one of the biggest video sites.  It is rumored that Facebook will be rivaling youtube for the time people spend watching videos on heir phone, tablet, desktop, laptop or tv. But Facebook doesn’t let its user watch videos offline unlike youtube. If you are wondering how to download facebook videos to watch offline later this tutorial is the perfect place for you to download videos for free and you can watch it later.


How to download videos on windows

1)Visit Facebook

2)Select any video which you want to download

3)Right click on the video and copy its video URL

4)Visit Savefrom and paste the link which you copied

5)Here you will get a different resolution of the video to download

6)Select the resolution according to your choice and download


How to download facebook videos on a phone

1)Select the video which you want to download in the facebook app

2)Hit share on the video and copy its link in the URL bar

3)Now visit Fbdown in any browser in a smartphone

4)Paste the link in the box where you can find the download button

6)After pasting the link click on the download

7) On the next page select the quality of video you want to download

8)The video will get downloaded in your phone and you can check it from your browser download option

How to download  on Mac or Linux

1)download 4k Video Downloader

2)Select the video which you want to download. Right-click the video and copy video URL

3)Now open the 4k video software and paste the URL which you have copied

4)Now the software will verify the link and offer you multiple resolutions of video to download

5)Select the resolution in which you want to download

6)Click on browser option and select where you want to save the video

7)click on the download

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