How to troubleshoot your friend windows/mac from Phone


TeamViewer is an intuitive, fast and secure application for remote control and meetings. In today’s digital generation people like to complete their work just from sitting in their home. So if your friend or colleague have any problem related to windows or mac and you can’t visit them to troubleshoot the problem, don’t worry now you can access their desktop or laptop from your phone, laptop, and desktop.

How TeamViewer works

TeamViewer works just like any other p2p connection where you have a unique id and the other person can enter that unique id to access your system . All team viewers connections are highly encrypted and are thus protected from being accessed by third parties.


How to download TeamViewer

You can download  HERE


Establish a connection

To connect with a partner for a remote control session, follow these steps:

1) Start TeamViewer

2) Go to Remote control Tab

3)Tell your partner to start the Software

4)Ask your partner for his/her Teamviewer ID and password

5)Enter the ID provided by your partner

6)Click on the remote control option

7)Click on the connect to partner

8)A dialog box will prompt you to enter your partner password

9)Click Log On

10)Now you can access your partner system from your home


TeamViewer is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry operating systems


Some Basic functions  are :

  • Desktop Sharing
  • Online Meetings
  • Web Conferencing
  • File Transfer Between computers


Hidden features

  • Auto Record Meeting – Users can now auto record your meetings and conference over the web
  • Remote printing- USers can now print files from one system to a printer which is not nearby or in office
  • Wake on Lan – Users can now turn on/off their System whenever they want from anywhere in TeamViewer
  • Two-factor authentication – Two-factor authorization is a security step taken by almost all big software where a security codes need to be entered to access even after entering username and password
  • VPN Tool – It has an inbuilt feature of VPN tool which creates a secure anonymous VPN tunnel between two system

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