How to mute spoilers on social media in your phone


The whole spoiler thing is getting out of hand and has now become a first-world problem ruining one of the few pleasures that assist in facing run-of-the-mill problems. With spoilers, the plots become boring as the big surprise is being stolen away with social media cropping up almost daily on TV shows or video games or any current topic. But thankfully for these head-scratching moments, you need not cut yourself off altogether from social media by removing spoilers even before they hit your twitter and facebook feed.


Twitter allows you to block words or hashtags or even specific users.  Go to your notifications and tap either the gear icon (on mobile) or the “Settings” option (on the web client) at the top of the screen for the list of muted words. The next steps are slightly different depending on whether you’re on mobile or desktop, so we’ll go over both separately.

If you are on mobile, find the option “Muted” in the settings. Here you can navigate between muted words and accounts. Select muted words. Now you’ll be able to see which words you’ve already muted, and add more words according to your preference.

If you are on the desktop, the settings show you several options to mute your notifications. Under“Advanced,” you’ll see “Mute specific words from your notifications and timeline.” Clicking this will take you to the same list of muted words (empty if you’ve never used this feature before).

The options to add muted words are largely the same. Choose hashtags or specific words relevant to the
subject of the potential spoilers. You can choose the time for which you’d prefer to mute those words —
24 hours, a week, 30 days, or forever.


Facebook, on the other hand, being uncertain doesn’t yet have a specific option for everyone to mute specific words. A feature called “Keyword Snooze” was tested last year but failed.

So this is going to be easy when done on mobile version as anything done on mobile will still be snoozed on the desktop. If you know the spoiler pages on facebook you can snooze those pages for a month. Users? Same deal. Just go to one of their posts — not their pages or profiles, but specific posts — then find the snooze options. You’ll have the options to snooze that page or that person for about a month.


How can you prioritize what you see in your News Feed

Go to “News Feed” in the sidebar and click on the ellipsis next to it, or find “news feed preferences” in your mobile settings. This will let you choose what you’ll see first in your news feed (maybe friends won’t be likely to spoil), as well as see whom you’ve snoozed in the past and if you’d like to unsnooze them. With these options, you can probably save the suspense of your show/movie/game/whatnot that might had been spoiled for you ahead of time.

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