How to host your own website in 26$ (Step by Step Guide)

In the 21st century, every business or person want to have a website of his own. Hosting a website is not cheap as you have to buy a server, a domain name, SSL certificate etc. But it’s not easy to select the best hosting provider with suitable plugins and best customer service.


How to buy a domain and server

You can buy it fromĀ  HERE

NameCheap offers users to host at 50% off. So only with 26$, you will get a Domain name with the hosting server


How to check if a domain name is available or not

1) Visit NameCheap

2)Click on domains

3)Select Domain name search

4)Enter your domain name and search


How to Host your own website

1) visit NameCheap

2)Click on WordPress and Select Shared hosting

3)Select the Stellar pack

4)Select Purchase a new domain

5)Enter your domain name

6)If The domain is available to add that to cart and click continue

7)Add The PositiveSSL for 1.99$ for the first year

8)Confirm Order and Enter your details

9)Wait for few minutes and your website will be hosted


Add PostiveSSL in the confirm order Page


What Do you mean by Domain

Web Domain is your address on the internet but its more than just a name. Your domain name portrays your brand, your business image, and your business reputation. Domain names and website name are basically the same things.


What do you mean by Server

The files of your website and the data you want to upload or display in the website all get stored in your server. In NameCheap stellar pack you will get a 20GB SSD Storage space for your website.SSD means Solid state drive which like a storage space with faster data transfer rate than a hard disk.


What do you mean by PositiveSSL certification

SSL certification is a must for any site as it encrypts the connection and keeps users data secure. Its a domain validated SSL that can be issued by just verifying domain ownership.

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